Pat Landon ATD, ARBSA

Pat was trained at the Birmingham Central College of Art at Priory Road Art Teachers College in Edgbaston.  She taught for some years at secondary level and later, when the family arrived, in Adult Community Education. Now a self employed Artist and Teacher Pat is a member of the RBSA, the Birmingham Art Circle and the Birmingham and Midlands Pastel Society.

Her work is exhibited in Birmingham RBSA, the Mall Gallery in London for The Pastel Society and once for Watercolour Challenge also for the West of England Bristol.

Pat works mainly in pastel and acrylic because of the immediacy and strong textural and colour possibilities.  She is interested in the play of light on different surfaces – water – earth – stone and natural growth.  The qualities of pastel give you soft blending or sharp edges this gives a soft mood or a sharp awakening, a textured ground too gives a quality of it's own. The possibilities are endlessly changing.  What joy!

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