Ursula Newell-Walker

Born in Lancashire, grew up in Australia, and has worked and exhibited there, in Java and England. Throughout a rich working life painting has always been a central activity.

In 1980 she was invited to Java to work in batik factories and to tour galleries and factories looking at regional designs and contemporary interpretations of batik after which she opened a studio in Dublin and conducted workshops for the Dublin College of Art.  In 1984 she returned to Manchester and a studio at the Manchester Craft village in Piccadilly's former fish market. Later she worked as a researcher for the BBC before re-training as an Art Therapist. Until her recent retirement, she has always led a dual career. She now lives in Clevedon, North Somerset, primarily painting, writing, exploring the SW and spending periods in her native Australia.

She is fascinated by the way in which light, the seasons, and the changing moods of the viewer imbue the ordinary with something akin to mystery.

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